My name is Carolina, I am Colombian and currently live in the UK. My native language is Spanish and I speak English and Portuguese fluently. I have a degree in Modern Languages and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. I enjoy teaching Spanish and English although lately my main focus has been Spanish.

This website is part of a personal project in which I work every now and then. I would like to share content about some things I find interesting and worthwhile such as journaling, teaching, language learning, books etc.

woman looking at the map
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📔 Journaling

This daily practice has been positive and encouraging in all aspects of my life. I have been using the Bullet Journal method for nearly three years and highly recommend it to anyone.

👩‍🏫 Teaching and language learning

Learning languages is both enjoyable and useful. If you think that learning a language is a pain, think again. My approach is: “seize every opportunity”. Engage in conversations, read every sign, take note of unknown words, be curious. This will improve your understanding significantly and it is a big part of how I learned the foreign languages I know.

📚 Books

What I am currently reading.